Why is training at home better for skinny guys?

I loved going to the gym, but life took a turn and I had to start slipping away. Eventually I stopped going to the gym because of it. But I do not regret it at all. Working from home made my life a lot easier. To show you the difference, let me give you my typical trip to the gym.

I would change, straighten my hair (because you have to look good in the gym, I mean, girls look great?), Jump in the car, drive 15 minutes, train, drive 15 minutes, go home. Quite typical workouts. But have you noticed the time spent on going to the gym versus staying at home? That’s 30 minutes of time spent driving in my car. Not to mention the time it took me to change to the gym. If I stayed home, I would be ready instantly! Advantage №1 Going to the gym takes time when you are not working at home.

The second reason why it is better to work from home is that there are other people inside the gym. To take a closer look at the fact that it intimidates boys and extremely attractive girls. Like a skinny guy, when I go to the gym, I’m scared of monsters in the gym that spend most of their lives in the gym. There they bend in the mirror and lift weights that will immediately crush me. At home I’m the strongest guy there! I love this feeling and I give it up.

Girls in the gym is a completely different matter. I just can’t stop playing a role so easily! I am constantly finding new ways to look without noticing them (or anyone else about it). It distracts and distracts me from working out. I love them, but I prefer to be able to concentrate, and don’t tell me to ignore it and focus on the gym. Women is a site where you can see. At home, all I have to look at is my own mug. Which I like, but it doesn’t look like Kate Upton. Advantage №2 Not distracted!

The third reason I like working from home is that it’s cheaper in the long run. At least for me, because the number of weights I can live is not heavier than myself (yet!). Also my ridiculous price of gym membership is ridiculous. I bought a few cheap scales and a straight bar at a local yard sale (yes, Mom, you said yard sales are great places to bargain). They may not be glamorous, but they do the job. I basically just train what I found on the internet called “skinny guy home workout”. Sp Advantage №3 … Money !!

Overall work at home is better because I don’t have to drive, I don’t get distracted or intimidated, and it’s cheaper over time! Join my cause to reset the gym and workout at home!


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