Learn how to make boxes at home

Learning how to box at home requires only a small investment, much cheaper than an annual gym membership, and is the perfect way to become a fitter and learn a new skill.

What do I need?

A heavy bag (and hang it somewhere), 16-ounce gloves, wrappers and a skipping rope are all you need. Invest in a call timer that you can download for free to your smartphone. This will help build a workout.

The question is, why train at home when you can join the gym?

Good question and there are many reasons besides the obvious convenience and more comfortable environment, perhaps for beginners.

Let me explain:

Some gyms will just throw you in the ring to see how you drive before you learn the basic steps, which is just wrong and irresponsible if you ask me.

Some, NOT all public boxing gyms focus on people who have the ability, if you don’t fall into that category, you’ll probably be left behind while training.

No one is controlling you, you are going to cause bad habits, boxing is all about muscle memory, you want the condition to memorize muscles CORRECTLY.

If you can afford a personal trainer who will give you 1 on 1 tips, perfect! It will cost you, but more often than not a decent investment, because like everything you want to model success, you want to learn to form someone who knows how to teach how they have experienced it over and over again.

This may not be the case! I know a lot of personal trainers who teach boxing who have never done it (some of them are great minds and I take my hats off to them).

Guys who pull in 50 pounds or more, who don’t look at their students’ students when they throw punches, don’t put your chin under your shoulder when throwing, major major flaws.

Again, they only cause bad habits, they are likely to lose weight, probably get in better shape physically, but learn to box, NO!

They think they are learning until the sparring session is over and you see how they are going!

Boxing is control, repetition, practice and practice and practice, the same movements over and over again, conditioning this muscular memory so that when you want to let go of a barrage of punches, you do so with grace and style, moving form , offensive on defensive and offensive.

This is art, and one of the many reasons why it is called noble art.

Here is my three-point plan:

1. Buy the right equipment

· Heavy bag

· Jump rope

· Wrapping hands

· 16-ounce gloves

· Download a free call timer

2. Training

· Two 3 minute rounds of dynamic stretching

· Two 3 minute laps

· Two 3 minute rounds of shadow boxing

· Four 3-minute rounds of work with a heavy bag of high intensity

· Two 3 minute rounds of shadow boxing, working on your mistakes

· Air conditioning program

3. Find a mentor to simulate

· Easy purchase of equipment

· Easy after training!

· After training and performing the correct technique

· Can be difficult

· Therefore, we recommend finding a mentor for modeling

· If you work from home

You can spend time working on YOU.

You have to be a disciplined mind, but you can take the time when no one is looking to just work on you!

Conduct proper muscle memory, train again and again until you fix it. It requires patience, a lot of sweat and discipline, but there is nothing more useful when you can wrap six or seven rounds together on a heavy bag, throwing different combinations and moving easily.

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