Gym vs. home workout

There are several reasons that people choose to train at home, and several reasons that others choose to train in a commercial gym. If you are just starting a new fitness regimen, you may not be sure which bet is best for you. Here are some things to consider, compare and contrast before deciding whether you are going to invest in a gym membership or in the equipment for your home:


Gym membership can be expensive and will be a fixed cost as all gyms have monthly membership fees. Decide if you can allow the connection fee as well as the monthly fee. Find out if this monthly fee has been recorded for the life of your membership or can be increased in the future. Keep this in mind when setting budget constraints. If you decide to go for a gym membership, make a price comparison before you take part. If you like the gym and you want to join, but the price is unattainable, you need to ask for a discount, and if the answer is no, ask when their next big promotion will be, and buy then. If it is still not available financially, do not hesitate to walk. There are other gyms, and they will probably offer some incentive to get you to buy their membership instead of going elsewhere.

Home appliances can also be expensive and perhaps an even bigger investment in the beginning. However, once you are fully equipped with the items that need to be designed in the most efficient way for you, this cost ends (prohibiting minor repairs or replacements when the equipment wears out or fails). Therefore, it can be a much more profitable way to improve your health and fitness than a commercial gym. Definitely shop around for the right equipment. Prices can vary widely, especially for larger equipment such as treadmills. But be careful: the quality of fitness equipment can also vary greatly. It is true that they say, “You get what you pay for.”


Commercial gyms usually have a lot of them. They are usually equipped with all the weights and barbell sizes in the free weights area, many benches including reclining and tilting, and in most commercial gyms you will find many different brands of weight machines and types of cardio machines. There are plenty of ways to add variety to your workouts with all the equipment that will be available to you.

Home workouts, on the other hand, can also be well equipped, but it’s entirely up to you and what you buy for the home gym. If you don’t buy a lot of equipment for your training space or don’t have room for a lot of equipment in your space, you may find yourself quite limited for variety. Be aware that you can change your rules often, even with limited equipment, fitness rules suggest that you can change your routine from time to time to prevent plateaus and stagnation.


To train in a commercial gym, keep in mind that you will have to drive to the gym and home again. You may also find yourself in lines waiting to use your favorite equipment if you work in rush hour. For some it is not so convenient.

In your own home gym you have no trips and you will not have any waiting equipment, it’s all up to you !! Quite convenient in the minds of most people!

Confidentiality and society:

That’s great. Some people prefer to work among many other people who also work. They find that they can nurture other people’s energy and be inspired or motivated by others just by being in the same space.

However, some people do prefer to work in private life. They may feel that they are “not in proper shape” to be seen in fitness clothing, and it is better to take advantage of this without looking at others. For these people, the home gym scenario works much better. Oh, and by the way, to those of you who think you notice that everyone in the gym is for the same reason: to train … and almost no one looks at you. They all have their own workouts to focus on.


Many people choose a commercial gym for their workouts strictly for the help they can get by working among others. Spotters, coaches or just watching other people’s tricks are all ways to get help in a commercial gym. For those who lift very heavy weights, a spotter is a must. Performing a barbell press without a spotter can result in serious injury if the lift falls into the barbell trap or accidentally drops it.

In home gym equipment you have to be very careful with your weights. I recommend not using the barbell for movements at all, like a bench press (use dumbbells instead; then, if your muscles fail, at least you can throw them aside without getting under the barbell). There are also no coaches, and there are no other people who follow the advice on technique when practicing at home on their own. However, there is always the Internet! You can watch a video on YouTube for such technical advice or find an online trainer who will replace the trainer in the gym. However, you can’t get a spotter from the internet, you still need a real person with you for that.

We hope these comparisons help you understand whether a home gym or commercial gym membership is the right direction for you.

It is good for you to have taken a step towards better physical shape. You can do it!

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