Boxing workout at home for fitness

Doing boxing at home can be beneficial for you, as they will not only strengthen your muscles and bones, but also help you maintain your weight. With effort, many people get amazing results, which is why boxing training has become so popular. Anaerobic, cardio, coordination, endurance and strength training are some common exercises that are part of a typical training regimen. However, if you box at home, you will be able to build an enviable and stunning physique.

Boxing training at home

If you do not have time to train in the gym and exercise at home, then the following boxing training modes will be ideal for you.

Jump rope

Jump rope is not only one of the best boxing workouts at home, but it is also a great cardiovascular exercise. Jumping rope will warm up your body, and in 60 minutes of training will burn about 1000 calories. You can perform the exercise with a skipping rope in the following techniques:

– Cross arm: When you perform a cross arm jump, swing the rope around, keeping your arms crossed at waist level.

– Moving back: When moving back, you will bend your knees at a right angle, stretching your legs back.

– Jump to the bell: in the jump of the bell you just have to jump a couple of inches back and forth.

– Full twister: In a full twister, you should jump, jumping, turning the lower part of the body to the right.

– Cross of the foot: when you make a cross leg, in the first jump you should stay away, in the second jump you should cross one leg, and in the third jump you should jump so that your legs are spread over the length of your shoulders. .

– Moving forward: When moving forward, keep your knees straight, stretching one leg forward.

Shadow boxing

In shadow boxing, you improve your movements, strokes and postures by practicing yourself. To do this boxing workout at home, you need to stand in a room that has a light source, facing the wall and throwing blows on your own shadow. Keep your left foot forward if you have your right hand, and make sure the other foot is behind you. Similarly, keep your right foot forward and the other behind you if you are left-handed.

Push-ups, squats and stretching

If you want to do boxing at home, then your training routine should also include push-ups, squats and stretching. You can ideally do these exercises at 3-minute intervals or 3 rounds. Make sure your body is straight from ankle to shoulder while you do push-ups. Keep your elbows higher than your arms, lowering your body. You will be able to lose belly fat and tone your navel by performing stretching and sitting exercises.


When doing boxing training at home, you should practice 4 main types of punches – a cross, a pocket, a hook and a top cut. Basically, a blow is a strong, direct, and quick blow with your guiding hand from a guard position. The movement of the torso and thighs will be felt clockwise when you practice this stroke. The cross is also a powerful blow, but you will use the back hand, and the hook is a blow used in a semicircular motion to aim at the opponent’s head. The upper cut is a vertical rising stroke that you will perform with your back hand.

Along with these workouts, other great boxing exercises you can do at home include hitting a heavy bag with full energy and an abdominal crunch.

The equipment you will need

If you want to train boxing at home, then you have to buy the following training equipment:

– Boxing gloves

– wrapping hands

– Heavy bag

– Leather skipping rope

– Mirror

– Medical ball

– Tighten the bar

– Round timer

– speed bag

Doing these boxing workouts at home will definitely be helpful to you, whether you need to do them sincerely and so all the hard work they require. The best way to take advantage of these boxing workouts is to seek the help of a professional boxer.

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